Welcome to Carinho

I am Sheila Aarts. I originally come from Scotland and now live in Hilversum with my husband and our two children.

As a midwife and paediatric nurse I am very much aware of the importance of family. After becoming a teacher for babymassge I realised that I want to do more for parents with young baby's. I now work as a maternity nurse and coach mothers and their partners through their first week of parenthood. I combine this work with Carinho. Carinho is my own practice where I offer coaching and babymassage for my clients. Babymassage is a perfect way to deepen the band you already have with your child and the combination of massage and a long talk very often solves a lot of (potential) problems.


I offer babymassage in the comfort of your own home. Small groups are also possible as long as I can give everybody the individual attention they deserve. Fathers, and partners, also find that massaging their baby gives them a deeper understanding of their child's needs. Massage is not a luxury. Our children have a basic need to be emotionaly nurished. That way they can grow up feeling safe, loved and respected.
There can be times, however, when a mother and her child have difficulty in bonding with each other. Possible reasons for this can be a post-natal depression, a handicap or simply because her baby has been born prematurely. Massage helps build her confidence while reassuring her baby.
But most of all, babymassage is fun and a great way to relax and spent some quality time with your baby.

For more information:

Early detection of problems

I have been trained to observe baby's in such a way that I can detect possible problems that may have arisen from the pregnancy, delivery or in the first few weeks after the birth. I can give advise as to where the necessary help can be given.

Massage oils

I use only pure natural oils of a very high quality.

Carinho Gift Voucher

Surprise someone with this special gift. 1 1/2 hours of undivided attention for your baby – and for yourself.

Parental Coaching

It is a tendency for parents to look for answers on the internet but so much information can be confusing. Individual advise on a particular problem is often a much better approach. By taking the time to listen and to observe I can help parents solve the problem themselves by making them realize what their capabilities are. The answer is very simple: follow your intuition.

If you would like to make an appointment please do not hesitate to contact me via the form on the contact page of my website. If you prefer you can call me: 06 2349 5587.

"To touch, to feel, to love"